When referencing William & Mary:

  • William & Mary: required first reference in communications (no “College of,” uses the ampersand instead of “and”)
  • the university: preferred second reference
  • W&M: most informal, use as second reference
  • College of William & Mary: formal reference reserved for official Charter Day and Commencement event publications and certain presidential-level communications
  • College: acceptable as a second reference only in communications for undergraduate alumni
  • The College of William and Mary in Virginia: most formal title, used only in the Charter and on diplomas
  • Do not use: WM, William and Mary, College of William and Mary, The College of William and Mary, The College of William & Mary

Arts & Sciences: Capitalize when referring to the group of academic units (formally known as the Faculty of Arts & Sciences). A&S is acceptable on second reference.

Class year: Include a student’s or alumnus’ class year after his or her name on first reference.

  • Examples: Jon Stewart ’84 or Ginger Ambler ’88, Ph.D. ’06

Crim Dell: Refers to the pond and surrounding area, not the bridge itself. Do not use the definitive article.

  • Examples: Crim Dell, not the Crim Dell, but the Crim Dell bridge (note lower case.)

Departments: Capitalize departments when their proper names are used; do not capitalize when they are referred to informally.

  • Examples: Department of History, history department, University Communications, Facilities Management, W&M Police, police department

Historic Campus: Refers to the section of campus that includes the Wren Building, President’s House and Brafferton. Some refer to this area as Ancient Campus, but Historic Campus is preferred.

Public Ivy: Capitalized and in quotes on first reference (“Public Ivy”); lowercase, not in quotes on second references (public ivy).

Raymond A. Mason School of Business: Use the full name on first reference.

  • the business school is acceptable on second reference
  • housed in Alan B. Miller Hall (or Miller Hall on second reference)

Sunken Garden: Never plural.

William & Mary Athletics

  • W&M Athletics is acceptable on second reference

William & Mary Law School

  • the law school is acceptable on second reference
  • avoid using Marshall-Wythe School of Law except in formal documents

William & Mary School of Education

  • the school of education is acceptable on second reference

William & Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science. Preferred first reference for all communications, especially those involving external audiences such as press releases and news articles.

  • VIMS is acceptable on second reference
  • the William & Mary School of Marine Science at VIMS is an acceptable first reference for internal audiences and some external stories when clear the subject of the article involves a connection to the School of Marine Science
  • always include William & Mary as part of first reference for either

Wren Building: Appropriate first-reference form used for all but the most formal references to the Sir Christopher Wren Building. The Wren is the oldest college building still standing in the United States.