Recognized student organizations are officially sanctioned by William & Mary. By virtue of their official relationship with the university, recognized organizations are given access to official visuals.

Showing Affiliation with William & Mary

Recognized student organizations are not required to use official university marks when communicating, but if they wish to do so, they may. Organizations are free to brand publications, merchandise and other communications with official marks so long as those marks are used in the manner prescribed by the guide.

When organizations use official marks to show affiliation with William & Mary, university marks must be separate and distinct from the organizations’ logos. The only exception to this is use of the official “W&M,” which student organizations are free to incorporate into organization logos.

Organization Logos

Student organizations often develop logos to brand themselves and to differentiate themselves from other organizations. When producing logos, recognized student organizations may use the official “W&M” artwork, the registered name “William & Mary” and official university colors. Official club sports may use the athletics “W&M” artwork. Logos have been created for every club sport and can be requested by contacting Campus Recreation at

All “W&M” artwork used in student organization logos must be used in accordance with the color guidelines in University Colors.

Type treatments used for the name “William & Mary” must be ostensibly different from the university wordmark. Do not use the typefaces found in the university logo, Baskerville and Avenir, to typeset “William & Mary” in organization logos.

Pantone colors 343, 465, 7409 and 427 are available for use in organization logos. See University Colors for a full set of color codes for each official university color.

Logos for student organizations must not include the official university logo, the university wordmark, the seal, the Coat of Arms, the 1693 Weathervane, the Crim Dell bridge or the cypher. These marks are official branding marks and decorative graphics for the university. As such, using them in organization logos presents brand confusion and affects the integrity and recognizability of the university’s logo.